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Been gone. [Jun. 7th, 2005|06:08 am]
Poontang Mafia
[mood |touchedtouched]


Tue - I drove up to Wythville to be with mr.willis and my truck was acting really weird.
When i got there we went mountian climbing sorta. He took me to this beautiful place in the mountians near this river. BEAUTIFUL! (yes i know i'm a lesbian) and we climb down a cliff. and when i say cliff i mean like HIGH ass cliff where you can see the top of trees and tomorrow. It was really fun and i had a good time.

Wed. Laid around his house did much of nothing.

Thur. Called into work but didnt have to work.

Fri. Got some chicks to pick up my shift on Fri-Sat. so i could go canoeing @ New River with Jason and his family. Stay up all night cause jason took up the whole fookin couch lol. Drove my truck home it broke down.

Sat. Still up go on the canoe trip. it was. Candi(jasons sister) Lee(jasons x-bf and bestfriend) Michelle(jasons mommie) Chad(jasons mommies bf) Cee(jasons girl-cousin) Camron(jasons boy-cousin a wigger...rofl) TJ(jasons sister bf) 2 Dyke daddies one of which is Jasons mommie X-gf she is a reformed lesbian(BRILLIANT!) then a little flaming queen thats like 11 named Devin some other guy and Devin aunt? i dunno.

Story telling time.

Me: Oh what pretty flowers!(<---queen)
[jason paddles his canoe over to the cliff and stands up to get me some flowers and splash!]
Me: OMG jasons! HAHAHAHAH!
[jason makes a sad face]
Jason: I wanted to get you flowers [smiles evil] and i did!
Me: aaww!


We was getting ready to dock where we we're all meeting so we could eat!
the rapids where it had been raining we're going pretty fast...everyone else got lucky and smashed their boats into a log and stopped...Me and Jasons on the other hand...well

(setting)There was this big tree kinda growing outta the bank of the river and its branches we're all in the water and stuff.

Me: Hum i can't paddle back up i am to tired and there is a tree.
Jason: yeah i see that...and i'm tired as well
Me: Those branches are going to hit us...what should we do?(in a calm voice)
Jason: I dunno(jasons shrugs)
[crash collison course into the branches hitting every single one until i stop]
Me: SHIT! all these damn branches up in my fucking grill!
Jasons: LOOK OUT!!!
[jason canoe hits my sideways canoe and his goes under mind almost flipping me out but his canoe front in goes under the water and fills up with water and he sinks]
Me: OMG JASON! THE water is cold i dont wanna go in!
[jasons flip-flops and life jacket float down the river at high speeds]
Jason: damn, this sucks.
[everyone watching from a distance and laughing as we're having a crisis]

The Ride home was great i slept. all day seeing i havnt had any. slept from like 5pm to 12am then went to sleep around 4am woke up at 9am and went to work.

And i can't complain much about life right now, except some of my best friends aren't here to enjoy it with me :(

P.S Love Jonni
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(no subject) [May. 28th, 2005|06:12 am]
Poontang Mafia
I love/miss/in love with Mr. Willis

P.S. I am disgusted with myself at this point.
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Here i am again! [May. 19th, 2005|08:22 am]
Poontang Mafia
Well back in Bristol. I spent the last few days at Mr.Willis house. and now it sucks because i can't sleep. :'(

Everyone in his family is really cool. They're FUN!

I got sun burned because i helped jason put a patio in for some lady named Sandy whom is a really good photographer. Has her own business etc...etc...etc...

"Its not really about finding the perfect man, but finding a imperfect man perfect." - mrwillis

OH YEAH! and some of my so called friends are trying to start some drama! of course...
so fuck them all. except casey.

nite nite.

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</3 :'( [May. 8th, 2005|03:05 am]
Poontang Mafia
[mood |sadsad]

*cries* i miss mr. willis already.

Today i met his mom so cute...This is my first impression on her

Jason and I was cuddling(asleep) and she comes walking in on us, I wanted to shoot myself rofl.
since we was both half naked. Sleeping in our boxers. rofl

his mommie is cute. and sweet.

Anyways I helped jason pack-up and leave Emory today I wanted to just CRY!

I have no idea how Casey and Shannon did it. I don't think i am that strong, but i will be for Jason and I sake!...lol

Wow its disgusting how in love i am with him, and its only been like 4 or 5 weeks. ><
therefore i am a Lesbiaona.

The best thing about him besides his personality and his looks, is that we don't have to be doing anything we can just lay in bed and cuddle we don't have to be doing a damn thing. And we just talk about random bullshit for hours upon hours...lol

I can't wait until school is over I don't feel like i have enough time for anything.

I am always to tired to do anything. He's going to be coming back in Tue. in the afternoon.
*sigh* I love him =P

I miss hanging out with my friends, just physcially and mentally tired. I am happy casey got herself a job.

I just wish i could catch up on my bills as well.

Oh well in time the pieces of the puzzel will come together and the true picture will unfold.

Love Jonni
Peace 2 da Mafia
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Homosexuals Converting to Lesbianism. [Apr. 29th, 2005|02:53 pm]
Poontang Mafia

Hi, *gaze into the sky* Let me tell you all the journey i have taken to Lesbianism.

Step 1. Goto newbz and have friends from work and Highschool introduce you to a cute guy.
Step 2. Be patient all good things come with time!
Step 3. Find out their screen name.
Step 4. Have a wonderful time talking about religion, yourself, their self, and what you let run your life...etc And just have a good time in general
Step 5. Have a Lesbian go with you(yes it has to be a lesbian) and meet them at Emory.
Step 6. Have lots of laughs and realize they arent much different from you, infact they are version 2.0 of you =P or vice versa.
Step 7. Go back! and hang out by yourselves, and get a little bit of toxins in you
Step 8. Stay with them (if you feel comfortable)
Step 9. Now this is the tricky part! ... Just talk about anything and everything tickle, flirt, laugh, and just have fun being around that person.
(you can only get acquire step 9 if step 1. - 8 occur. If not Lesbianism cannot be accomplished.)
Step 10. Hang out the next day for a good while then make your leave for home.
Step 11. Go back the next day, Introduce to all your friends and co-workers.
Step 12. Go to parties! meet his friends with your friends and see how your friends and his respond.
Step 13. Have them visit you at work.(this is to see how dedicated they are when his car is broke)
Step 14. Chill out more and just hang out with each other. enjoy each others company.
Step 15. Have deep conversation.
Step 16. Take pictures and realize how you cute you 2 are together.
Step 17. woah! your both just like each other, and now you realize its more Personality than physical looks.
Step 18. make sacrifices
Step 19. Be there with them when they have work.
Step 20. Solace.

Though i did leave about a bunch of stuff like.
goto Projects, click on Solace, and scroll to the bottom of the page. <3

Quick 20 steps to becoming a part of Lesbianism.

P.S. Jason Willis = BRILLIANT
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omg... [Apr. 25th, 2005|06:28 pm]
Poontang Mafia
......i want out of this house. I want out of this world! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
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Whhhaaaat!? [Apr. 15th, 2005|05:00 am]
Poontang Mafia
Holy fucking shit! can it be, Jonny Boy is actually updating his livejournal WTF! Anyways.

Life is very stressful...I am behind on bills because Outback doesnt know how to work for mroe than 2 days a week. Therefore i talked to Leanne today, She wants me to serv I said No. She wants me to do Curve side, i said maybe. She said help me with my event on Monday please jon! I said Yes. She gives me outback server shirt. w00t! And going to start working me a lot more. That means!
Mon- Work
Tue - school
Wed- Work
Thur - school
Fri - work
Sat - Work
Sun - Work

I am soooo fucked! Good-bye Life! or whatever it is that i do.
On the bright side of things, I will look foward even more to casey and our visits to the park, where we can watch Toads getting swollowed up by snakes! And see the amazing Bird houses the North Alantic Bird's make, as well as sliding in the deep freezing water of the lake.
Also i should have more money...for what you ask? bills and nothing else because i wont have time to spend it on anything else.
My life is improving already i can just feel it (sigh)

"gay gay gay" - Casey orginally Julie Leab
"He likes tea with his salad" - Casey

and i am getting impatient for you know how to just fall in my lap.
sigh again!

Also i was talking to chase the other day. And i have came to the conclusion that.
=======This is what happens with a life without Jon=======
http://nightsong11.tripod.com/angry.jpg http://nightsong11.tripod.com/morgan.jpg
(i hate making ppl load pic so just Cut and paste to your address bar)

Jon. Peace 2 de Possie
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Badmood! [Mar. 29th, 2005|09:00 am]
Poontang Mafia
I hate people in World of Warcraft! they are so fucking STUPID! I use that game as a escape from reality, but when i'm not having fun...and there is so many dumb fucks in it that actually piss me off and get to me, then i think i need to quit...lol

I don't know wtf is up with me lately...I think i want one thing, and then i dont and then i do and then i dont and then i do and then i dont and then i do and then i dont and then i do and then i dont and i just can't make up my mind, what i want and what i dont want.

And i am broke...I am broke because i hate working at outback...and I FUCKING dread this weekend i hate outback so much...i fucking can't stand it...i can't even stand some of the people there...Its like fucking highschool 5x worse because.

1. You have Highschoolers that you work with.
2. You have Older people who Can't seem to get the fuck out of highschool.
3. You have about 10 women getting knocked up every month.
4. People who are not homophobic, and/or hate gay people. this is bad cause they thing they can go around grabbing your ass and joke about...its not funny..its dumb and annoying.

thats all. I fuckin hate everything almost.
P.S - Nightsong Female Mage level 60(level cap) on Medivh
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.....nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn [Mar. 24th, 2005|02:18 pm]
Poontang Mafia
i am just sitting ere at aset giyse wautubg for 6 icclock to roll around and just fr te recorded i am not going to fix ay of t my mistakes becayse tgis fycjubg ketviad uis fycked yo abd u ate ut

so wow ad an up date its great i love it!

the other night rylan go up and was sleep walking and pissed in the refrigrator

Jessica - Anne your a nazi
(anne goes and gets her pin for getting a complinment)
Anne - ROn, can i have my pin now?
Ron - Sorry we're all out of swaztikas(sp)

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Who ami? [Mar. 13th, 2005|01:27 pm]
Poontang Mafia

Went to work. Worked. Got off work went to newbies with Casey Travis Crystal and Conan(Peaches)

Why do I like sluts? *shrug* who knows?

I feel like utter shit.

"She looks like a crack head hit by a train" - Ron
"Redneck is a way of life" - Lucas
"At least he could have whipped his ass before he got all up in my face" - Travis
"You know a sign of wanting to get drunk is a sign of sexual fustration" - Megan

Went to perkins saw Amy and Kelsey. I love them.

Lastnight was a sad waking up experience for me, I have come to terms with that almost everybody in the homosexual community are dirties.
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