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Who ami? [Mar. 13th, 2005|01:27 pm]
Poontang Mafia

Went to work. Worked. Got off work went to newbies with Casey Travis Crystal and Conan(Peaches)

Why do I like sluts? *shrug* who knows?

I feel like utter shit.

"She looks like a crack head hit by a train" - Ron
"Redneck is a way of life" - Lucas
"At least he could have whipped his ass before he got all up in my face" - Travis
"You know a sign of wanting to get drunk is a sign of sexual fustration" - Megan

Went to perkins saw Amy and Kelsey. I love them.

Lastnight was a sad waking up experience for me, I have come to terms with that almost everybody in the homosexual community are dirties.