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Badmood! [Mar. 29th, 2005|09:00 am]
Poontang Mafia
I hate people in World of Warcraft! they are so fucking STUPID! I use that game as a escape from reality, but when i'm not having fun...and there is so many dumb fucks in it that actually piss me off and get to me, then i think i need to quit...lol

I don't know wtf is up with me lately...I think i want one thing, and then i dont and then i do and then i dont and then i do and then i dont and then i do and then i dont and then i do and then i dont and i just can't make up my mind, what i want and what i dont want.

And i am broke...I am broke because i hate working at outback...and I FUCKING dread this weekend i hate outback so much...i fucking can't stand it...i can't even stand some of the people there...Its like fucking highschool 5x worse because.

1. You have Highschoolers that you work with.
2. You have Older people who Can't seem to get the fuck out of highschool.
3. You have about 10 women getting knocked up every month.
4. People who are not homophobic, and/or hate gay people. this is bad cause they thing they can go around grabbing your ass and joke about...its not funny..its dumb and annoying.

thats all. I fuckin hate everything almost.
P.S - Nightsong Female Mage level 60(level cap) on Medivh