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Whhhaaaat!? [Apr. 15th, 2005|05:00 am]
Poontang Mafia
Holy fucking shit! can it be, Jonny Boy is actually updating his livejournal WTF! Anyways.

Life is very stressful...I am behind on bills because Outback doesnt know how to work for mroe than 2 days a week. Therefore i talked to Leanne today, She wants me to serv I said No. She wants me to do Curve side, i said maybe. She said help me with my event on Monday please jon! I said Yes. She gives me outback server shirt. w00t! And going to start working me a lot more. That means!
Mon- Work
Tue - school
Wed- Work
Thur - school
Fri - work
Sat - Work
Sun - Work

I am soooo fucked! Good-bye Life! or whatever it is that i do.
On the bright side of things, I will look foward even more to casey and our visits to the park, where we can watch Toads getting swollowed up by snakes! And see the amazing Bird houses the North Alantic Bird's make, as well as sliding in the deep freezing water of the lake.
Also i should have more money...for what you ask? bills and nothing else because i wont have time to spend it on anything else.
My life is improving already i can just feel it (sigh)

"gay gay gay" - Casey orginally Julie Leab
"He likes tea with his salad" - Casey

and i am getting impatient for you know how to just fall in my lap.
sigh again!

Also i was talking to chase the other day. And i have came to the conclusion that.
=======This is what happens with a life without Jon=======
http://nightsong11.tripod.com/angry.jpg http://nightsong11.tripod.com/morgan.jpg
(i hate making ppl load pic so just Cut and paste to your address bar)

Jon. Peace 2 de Possie

[User Picture]From: jasonbopp
2005-04-15 07:02 pm (UTC)
Good luck man
I'd crazy with that much Outback
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