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Homosexuals Converting to Lesbianism. - Poontang Mafia [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Homosexuals Converting to Lesbianism. [Apr. 29th, 2005|02:53 pm]
Poontang Mafia

Hi, *gaze into the sky* Let me tell you all the journey i have taken to Lesbianism.

Step 1. Goto newbz and have friends from work and Highschool introduce you to a cute guy.
Step 2. Be patient all good things come with time!
Step 3. Find out their screen name.
Step 4. Have a wonderful time talking about religion, yourself, their self, and what you let run your life...etc And just have a good time in general
Step 5. Have a Lesbian go with you(yes it has to be a lesbian) and meet them at Emory.
Step 6. Have lots of laughs and realize they arent much different from you, infact they are version 2.0 of you =P or vice versa.
Step 7. Go back! and hang out by yourselves, and get a little bit of toxins in you
Step 8. Stay with them (if you feel comfortable)
Step 9. Now this is the tricky part! ... Just talk about anything and everything tickle, flirt, laugh, and just have fun being around that person.
(you can only get acquire step 9 if step 1. - 8 occur. If not Lesbianism cannot be accomplished.)
Step 10. Hang out the next day for a good while then make your leave for home.
Step 11. Go back the next day, Introduce to all your friends and co-workers.
Step 12. Go to parties! meet his friends with your friends and see how your friends and his respond.
Step 13. Have them visit you at work.(this is to see how dedicated they are when his car is broke)
Step 14. Chill out more and just hang out with each other. enjoy each others company.
Step 15. Have deep conversation.
Step 16. Take pictures and realize how you cute you 2 are together.
Step 17. woah! your both just like each other, and now you realize its more Personality than physical looks.
Step 18. make sacrifices
Step 19. Be there with them when they have work.
Step 20. Solace.

Though i did leave about a bunch of stuff like.
goto Projects, click on Solace, and scroll to the bottom of the page. <3

Quick 20 steps to becoming a part of Lesbianism.

P.S. Jason Willis = BRILLIANT