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Been gone. [Jun. 7th, 2005|06:08 am]
Poontang Mafia
[mood |touchedtouched]


Tue - I drove up to Wythville to be with mr.willis and my truck was acting really weird.
When i got there we went mountian climbing sorta. He took me to this beautiful place in the mountians near this river. BEAUTIFUL! (yes i know i'm a lesbian) and we climb down a cliff. and when i say cliff i mean like HIGH ass cliff where you can see the top of trees and tomorrow. It was really fun and i had a good time.

Wed. Laid around his house did much of nothing.

Thur. Called into work but didnt have to work.

Fri. Got some chicks to pick up my shift on Fri-Sat. so i could go canoeing @ New River with Jason and his family. Stay up all night cause jason took up the whole fookin couch lol. Drove my truck home it broke down.

Sat. Still up go on the canoe trip. it was. Candi(jasons sister) Lee(jasons x-bf and bestfriend) Michelle(jasons mommie) Chad(jasons mommies bf) Cee(jasons girl-cousin) Camron(jasons boy-cousin a wigger...rofl) TJ(jasons sister bf) 2 Dyke daddies one of which is Jasons mommie X-gf she is a reformed lesbian(BRILLIANT!) then a little flaming queen thats like 11 named Devin some other guy and Devin aunt? i dunno.

Story telling time.

Me: Oh what pretty flowers!(<---queen)
[jason paddles his canoe over to the cliff and stands up to get me some flowers and splash!]
Me: OMG jasons! HAHAHAHAH!
[jason makes a sad face]
Jason: I wanted to get you flowers [smiles evil] and i did!
Me: aaww!


We was getting ready to dock where we we're all meeting so we could eat!
the rapids where it had been raining we're going pretty fast...everyone else got lucky and smashed their boats into a log and stopped...Me and Jasons on the other hand...well

(setting)There was this big tree kinda growing outta the bank of the river and its branches we're all in the water and stuff.

Me: Hum i can't paddle back up i am to tired and there is a tree.
Jason: yeah i see that...and i'm tired as well
Me: Those branches are going to hit us...what should we do?(in a calm voice)
Jason: I dunno(jasons shrugs)
[crash collison course into the branches hitting every single one until i stop]
Me: SHIT! all these damn branches up in my fucking grill!
Jasons: LOOK OUT!!!
[jason canoe hits my sideways canoe and his goes under mind almost flipping me out but his canoe front in goes under the water and fills up with water and he sinks]
Me: OMG JASON! THE water is cold i dont wanna go in!
[jasons flip-flops and life jacket float down the river at high speeds]
Jason: damn, this sucks.
[everyone watching from a distance and laughing as we're having a crisis]

The Ride home was great i slept. all day seeing i havnt had any. slept from like 5pm to 12am then went to sleep around 4am woke up at 9am and went to work.

And i can't complain much about life right now, except some of my best friends aren't here to enjoy it with me :(

P.S Love Jonni

[User Picture]From: andr0g3ny
2005-06-08 06:18 pm (UTC)
I miss you alot

but your happy

so that makes me happy

but that dosent mean you cant come see my ass as SOON as you get that sweet ride of yours fixed....:(
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[User Picture]From: obliviondemise
2005-06-09 04:54 pm (UTC)
i love you asian beauty..
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From: findanescape
2005-09-16 07:12 pm (UTC)
jon i'm home tennessee just wanted to let you know
love ya bunches
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